Life, Death and Fast Hosting

You’ll get 2 years of hosting for free. You’ll also find that this hosting provider is affordable while still offering customers relatively high speeds, as long as you choose their ‘Premium’ plan. The cheapest plan starts as low as $2.95 per month if you commit to this hosting for 3 years. Their plans start at $6.99 per month. WP Engine plans start at $25 per month. Kinsta plans start at $30 per month. Many experts claim it outperforms Kinsta and WPX Hosting. When it comes to picking the fastest hosting for WordPress, a lot of experts recommend Cloudways. Trying to research and compare them all can be tedious, so we’ve done a lot of the hard work upfront to make your job easier. It is very important to have the fastest WordPress hosting which can load your site within 2 seconds, if you using a lot of high res images or videos then you probably will need to consider using a cache plugin or image optimizer plugin to help reduce the load time.

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Knowing what to look into can help you arrive at a decision. The decision becomes tough with most web hosts branding themselves as the best. Because when it comes to web hosts, you would hardly run out of options as several web hostings exist. And it comes at no extra fee. Kinsta comes with a super-fast NGINX web server which is way faster than APACHE and other servers. Cloudways offers top-notch features for a lower price compared to other fast web hosting servers. Price is something you must consider, you don’t want to choose a web host outside your budget. One sweet thing with SiteGround is its price. One thing I also love about this hosting is its free built-in CDN. When we made the switch from HostGator to WPX hosting, the immediate thing we had noticed was that the speed in our website loading times. Then deploys them on a CDN for increased loading speed. If you’re looking for the best managed WordPress hosting providers that will give you rest of mind and ensure your website success, then this post is for you.

If you have subscribed to an economical hosting plan, then it won’t guarantee you any uptime because of the limited server resources for multiple websites at the same time. Uptime: This is the amount of time your site is live and accessible in a day, and it’s determined by your hosting uptime. So if you’re interested, spin up a test site and see how it works for you. We would emphasize that one of the providers failed the test in one way or the other. Bluehost is owned by Endurance International Group, which owns several big-name providers like HostGator. Making claims like 99.9{84df1159170d1779bcf5534278b431199ba4ce180d72fe4df4d6efb9b54f2f1d} uptime, fast speed, etc. Some claims are true. All things considered, WP Engine, with its outstanding performance, is a gem for those who are willing to spend on fast web hosting. Who is the best Hosting provider? They offer a library of tutorial videos to help beginners get around amateurs who are not conversant with web hosting. It means that the server supports different versions of NGINX web servers, Apache, MariaDB/MYSQL and PHP. Because you will be sharing the server with other people, you should divide it among yourselves.

Meaning your site’s performance will always be top-notch regardless of how big your traffic grows. If you are on their shared or VPS plan, you can use the SSDs (solid-state drives) to boost your site’s speed. Since Cloudways offers a 3-day free trial, you can play around with all their Cloud VPS providers to see what works best for you. WPEngine will scan and monitor for hacking attempts, and fix your hacked website for free. Instead of paying for external CDN tools, you will get one with WPX Hosting at no extra cost. Also, WPX Hosting doesn’t bill you per visitor, you pay for the bandwidth and storage used. Talking about the pricing, WPX hosting is currently offering 3 pricing packages which are listed below. Not only that, but backups are performed daily to ensure that your information is never lost. Dreamhost also offers some mouth-watering features like automatic daily backups, unmetered bandwidth, and 24/7 customer support. Data has be​en g᠎ener ated by G​SA Content G enerator DEMO!

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